Although hard to do so completely accurate, estimates can be given on line by answering a few simple questions. These estimates will usually be within 15% plus or minus, with a picture.

To identify the condition of the piece you wish to have chromed follow the suggestions below.

good condition

This piece will be free from defects, other than the existing chrome may be thin, but it should be smooth. There will be no pits and it is a simple matter of stripping and chroming with no metal repair.


These items will show some wear and may have some light pitting, they may also have a slight dent or bend that will require straightening. Overall they will require some minor repair, and should not be re-chromed without some work first.


These pieces will require extensive repair, and may even be rusted through in spots. These pieces will require some welding, as well as possibly some metal replacement.

Please note: Background areas that are painted from the factory WILL NOT be polished unless it is specified on the work order to do so. We cannot repaint these background areas so if they are polished, they will have to be repainted by the customer.

Email us a request for an estimate. We will usually get back to you within one business day. Thank you for choosing Advanced Custom Chrome.

Estimate Requests

Email us at

The following information should be provided with any estimate request:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • What item is
  • Where item came from (car, motorcycle, jukebox, etc)
  • Condition of item (use the criteria above)
  • Comments
  • Photos if available

If you don't hear back from us by the second day, please assume that somehow the email system technology has failed and call us:

Tel (814) 899-1233

Print a Parts List Form or a Shipping Label

To get a parts list for shipping, click the "Parts List" button below. The parts list is in PDF format. Please place a copy of the parts list in the box when you ship your parts, this helps us to assure we know what you sent, and that we received it all.

To get a shipping label just click the "Shipping Label" button below, then print off the label and tape it to your box.