• Your one stop for all your chroming needs - and now recognized world-wide !

That's right we have been recognized for our quality work in other countries, receiving requests for our services as far away as England. With Advanced Custom Chrome our quality speaks for itself. We are number one in quality, world wide, thanks to our loyal customers.

We can chrome almost any metal either as a re-chrome, or for the first time. We can also repair your broken or damaged parts, in most cases.

Sorry we cannot help you with automotive rims or plastic.

We specialize in antique automotive and motorcycle parts. Whether your part is pot metal, steel, aluminum or stainless steel we can recondition it back to a stock finish or to a mirror like show appearance. All of the work is done at our facility even full length bumpers.

Our objective is simple: To give you the best looking, and the best quality chrome anywhere, at a fair price.